About us

Made in Holland

Following the latest rules of the FEDIAF. Rolling boilies, pop-ups and mixing liquids all year round. We have our own production for smaller batches and work with our large partner with huge rolling capacities.

Shipping in all of Europe

Using a network of parcel companies we ship our bait around the globe within days. Cheap cargo costs and guaranteed fresh bait. We deliver quick, and without hassle.

Steamed to perfection

Our complete boilie range is steamed instead of boiled to ensure high leakage of flavours. The duration of steaming is exactly right to ensure the right hardness of the boilies and a longer period to stay stable on the carp anglers hair.

Fresh, on many levels.

Fresh bait doesn’t start with the date of rolling. It starts with the fresh ingredients. Thats why we have contracts with farmers to ensure high quality base mixes. And use products from Haith’s, krill from Qrill Aqua and fishmeals from high quality fish farmers.

A quality team to back it up.

Maarten Snoek

Head of bait recipes & rolling

Tom Snoek

Administration & Logistics

Wouter Snoek

Customerservice & Warranties

Edwin Simonides

Bait testing & Head of Haze

Justin de Haan


Ricky van Puijenbroek


Ties de Vries


Jan Snoek


Ronald Brink


Damiano Fuschi


Rico “Oschi” Oschmann


Thije Hoeksema