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    Solution Boilies - Your quality boilie supplier

    With a large team and a large factory, we make all our high quality boilies fresh every month. With over 20 years experience in the boilie industry, we are leaders in quality. Through years of carp research we know the exact proportions in boilies to increase bait intake. 
    The ingredients we use in our boilies we buy for years, and are guaranteed fresh. From fresh krill for our Red Kriller boilies to the honey in the Honey Citrus. With Solution Boilies you fish with confidence.

    Buy Boilies at Solution Boilies

    Boilies kopen bij Solution Boilies

    To catch carp we like to use boilies. These round dough balls come in thousands of shapes and sizes. Through our intensive research we know exactly what works and what does not. Therefore, Solution Boilies are a very popular choice for all carp anglers. 
    Through our large network across Europe, we can deliver super fast in various countries. In the Netherlands ordered before 16:00 is delivered the next day. In Belgium we deliver within 2 days. In Germany, Italy and France we always deliver within 1 to 4 days.

    With which bait can you fish for carp?

    In our boilie webshop you can find all the bait you need to catch a carp. From boilies to pellets, particles, pop-ups and liquids. All from our own production of the highest quality. With Solution Boilies you can benefit from bait that the top anglers fish with, for a normal price.


    Buy Pop-ups

    Pop-ups are just like boilies dough balls, only these dough balls fall under the heading 'lures'. They are very attractive and often have a skin colour. They are not boiled or steamed, but baked. In our range of pop-ups you will find the standard fluo pop-ups, FS pop-ups and Washed out pop-ups. All of them are of the high quality standard you can expect from us.

    Liquids and flavours to catch carp faster

    We also have various liquids also called 'flavour' in our range. These liquids are available from booster jerry cans that are excellent for pouring over your bait to the well-known bait sprays. We use bait sprays to give pop-ups a little more attraction and we use booster sprays to give boilies a little more attraction. This way you can catch a carp even faster in short sessions.

    Pellets for carp fishing

    Pellets voor het karpervissen

    We also have pellets for every taste. These pellets are excellent to combine with the corresponding flavour. We recommend always feeding more pellets than boilies, because pellets are also partly eaten by smaller whitefish. We know from underwater footage that pellets have a tremendously positive effect on your feeding site. Often, small fish will eat first and the big ones will follow quickly. 

    Buy boilies cheap

    Besides the fact that our boilies are very competitively priced - we also have our popular session packs. Our session packs have all the carp bait you need for a session. Carp pellets, pop-ups, bait spray and of course our high quality boilies in two diameters. So you always have enough food with you for a quick carp session.
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