Maarten Snoek - Monday 20 June 2021

    This is how we create the; Red Kriller

    The Red Kriller is one of our most popular boilies. But why? Why is it so good? In this blog post we try to explain how we created the Red Kriller into a pure, high quality boilie. You can read why we say 'Krill boilie - Redesigned'.


    Red Kriller - Krill boilie, re-designed


    In the picture on the right you see two jars of krill. Crushed krill, full of oil, fat and flavour. The biggest, perhaps most important difference between fishmeal/fish oil and krill is the way in which the body of the fish handles the omega-3s. Phospholipids are important building blocks for the body, to be specific, these are building blocks for cell membranes. In krill, the vast majority already consists of phospholipids, whereas in fish the vast majority consists of triglycerides. Triglycerides must first be converted to phospholipid in order to use it for the cell membranes. 

    Triglycerides can also be used as an energy source, or stored as fat. Thus, less of the triglycerides omega-3 reach the cell membranes. The phospholipid form is more easily absorbed by the organs, which gives the fish more omega-3s in their cell membranes. And that, in turn, is a lot healthier for the fish.

    Unlike other krill boilies, which contain processed, dry krill powder. We work together with Qrill Aqua for our krill. This way, we guarantee fat, oil-rich krill full of Omega-3. 


    4 reasons why our Red Kriller is so good.

    Higher feed uptake

    Krill is a strong food attractant. Fish like the taste of krill and eat more when the food contains it. Fish show considerably better growth performances when they are fed with krill. And because they eat more, there is more chance that you will catch the fish!






    The fish grows faster

    Because fish like the taste of krill and eat more, fish also grow faster when the food contains krill. Faster growth leads to less exposure to diseases.






    Good for the immune system

    The difference between good health and disease is largely due to the ratio of cells that work well to those that do not. Krill contains beneficial omega-3 fatty acids that are mostly bound in phospholipid form. Phospholipids are easily absorbed into cell membranes. This is beneficial in reducing inflammation and helps to increase stress tolerance. When fish food contains krill, it has an optimal fatty acid balance between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which is important for a strong immune system in fish.






    Better survival rate

    Feeds with krill have an optimal fatty acid balance, resulting in a strong immune system in fish. A strong immune system is the basis for good health and reduced mortality. Larvae fed with krill show a higher survival and stress tolerance.






    Red Kriller - An excellent combination of ingredients.

    As we look at the main ingredient of our 'Red Kriller' - we also look at the overall picture of the boilie. We have perfectly tuned all the basic ingredients of the boilie to the krill. In consultation with our krill supplier, we have enhanced the krill specifically for carp with cod liver oil. A pure form of 'CLO' as it is better known. This increases the triglycerides omega-3 for energy and fat. Which, in turn, the carp use to keep biting. The beautiful red colour of the boilie comes from the krill and Haith's Robin Red. Which proved to be a perfect addition to this krill boilie.



    Our complete bait line contains fresh, non-preserved ingredients that we then make into ready-made boilies with a small amount of MPG. We make sure that our baits have a low acid content. Enough to keep for a year, but just the right dosage so you never get a PH swing, no matter how much you feed. The PH-acidification of MPG is broken down again with, among others, water-soluble, hard pieces of lime. This is how we make all the boilies in our range PH neutral.


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