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InStecto Booster | 500ml

Solution Boilies InStecto Booster | 500ml The InStecto Booster 500ml is a jerry can full of attraction. The booster can be used to soak your hookbait or to give your bait a big boost. This booster smells like liver and maggots and contains a number of attractors that the boilie also contains. Because the booster […]

InStecto Hard Feeding Pellets | 5KG

Solution Boilies InStecto Hard Feeding Pellets | 5KG The InStecto Hard Feeding Pellets are well soluble pellets for carp fishing. The pellets are very attractive and consist of several layers. A hard coating containing ingredients from the boilie and the inner edge containing nutrients such as Insect meal & hemp. The pellets are most popular […]

Instecto Fluo Pop-ups

Solution Instecto Fluo Pop-ups The skin colored Instecto fluo pop-ups are ideal for every snowman or pop-up rig. The bright colours of the fluo pop-ups are excellent to combine. The fluo pop-ups of each flavor contain the same flavor as the boilies.   When to use which pop-up? The washed-out version is a broken colour, this has […]

Instecto boilies | 5KG

Instecto boilies | 5KG A super instant boilie that easily releases flavour and odour into the water. The boilie is based on a number of proven ingredients from Conservation Biologist Howard A. Loeb. Testing his findings was necessary as the flavours he used at the time came from Magnus, Mabee & Reynard. The basic composition […]